Hardware & Technical Specifications

Rely on a team of qualified technicians for all your computer needs!

The technological context and computer equipment needs vary considerably from one industry to the next. With technology constantly evolving, it is sometimes difficult to find ways to manage information.

To get the best return on investment and get the most out of your CTRL management solution, don’t hesitate to consult a technician who knows the specific features of your industry and who

The chart below illustrates the suggested equipment for an optimal experience with your CTRL solution. With the rapid evolution in technologies, please note that this information may change at any time, without notice.

For more information concerning the compatibility of your existing equipment or to get a professional evaluation of your specific needs, please contact our experts at 1-888-971-7139.


Workstation Recommendation: Use:

Processor :

Intel i3-6100 or i5-6500 (or more recent)

Workstation for a single user who is not connected to a network.




Workstation used in a network.



Operating System* :

Windows 7 ProTM (best in 64 bits).

Windows 8.1 ProMC (best in 64 bits).

Mac O/S with compatible PC Terminal Server.


8 Go or more

Hard Drive :

250 Go or more for solo workstation, RAID 1 (if data carrier).

No requirement for network use (but gigabytes strongly recommended).


For updates on DVD.

Optional for updates via the Internet.

Screen size :

(16:9) 1920 x 1080, (22" or more)

Ethernet Card : 1000 mbps
Digital tablet : Microsoft Professional with Intel I3 processor or more.

Compatible with the CTRL software, a Surface Pro with Intel I3 processor can replace a work station.




The use of Android and iPad digital tablets is possible via an RDP application or CTRL's hosted solutions. .

*SE WindowsMC
32 or 64 bits version?
CTRL Software
(Version 7 or less)
CTRL Software
(Version 8 or more)


32 bits (only) 32 or 64 bits (best) with WindowsTM 7 or 8,1)


64 bits (for Windows 2008 R2 or more) 64 bits (with WindowsTM 2008 R2 or more)

Terminal Server

64 bits (for Windows 2008 R2 or more) 64 bits (with WindowsTM 2008 R2 or more)
Dedicated Server Recommendation:


Processor :

Intel Xeon Quad

For working environments with 1 to 7 computer workstations, we recommend the use of a dedicated computer or a small server. CTRL can not be held responsible for the instability and technical support caused by the lack of a structured server.


* The usual operating threshold presented here does not exclude that, in some contexts, higher performance is needed. Consult our services as needed.


For a network that include 8 to 20 workstations, we recommend the use of a dedicated server.


Companies with a larger network requires a special expertise. Please contact us for a professional evaluation of your needs.


12 Go or more

Operating System* :

WindowsTM 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2

Hard Drive,
24/7 "network quality"

500 Go (or more)
RAID 1 or RAID 5 (for imagery)


For updates on DVD.

Optional for updates via the Internet.

Screen size :

No specifications for a dedicated server.

Ethernet Card : 1000 Mbps

Switch box :

1000 Mbps "Layer2" or "QOS" for 16 workstations or more.

Terminal Serveur Recommendation  : Use :

Interface :

Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 ou 2012 R2

Windows Server 2008 (Only 64 Bits)

Interface AERO (Facultative)

The terminal server allows the connection to remote desktop users so they can use the features of their CTRL solution wherever they are.


The ideal configuration depends on the number of users and their needs.


The choice of a server or of a host must be done rigorously. We therefore recommend you to evaluate your needs with a specialist.

Bandwidth :

80K / users (average use of the agenda)


10 to 16 gigs for 20 to 49 users (Windows Server 2012 or 2012 R2 recommended)
16 to 20 gigs for 50 to 99 users (Windows Server 2012 ou 2012 R2 recommended)
20 to 28 gigs for 100 users or more (Windows Server 2012 ou 2012 R2 recommended)
WEB Server Recommendation: Use:

Windows Server IIS:
(Internet Information Services)

Under IIS 7 :

Windows Server 2008


Under IIS 7.5 :

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows Serveur 2012


Under IIS 8 :

Windows Server 2012


Under IIS 8.5 :

Windows Server 2012 R2

The configuration of a "Web server" requires either a "Dedicated web server" or a web server installed on a "Process server".


A Web server is required to use Web interfaces.

IP Address


Bandwidth :

Router that supports port forwarding output of 2 megabit / second (Upload).


Eg. of a website to test the bandwidth speed http://www.speedtest.net

Web Interface & Web Service:

Local Web server

Installation requires a Windows IIS server locally installed which would be provided with an interface module and web CTRL service.


Cloud Web server

This configuration requires a module "Interface and Web service" offered by CTRL.


Contact our experts to learn more about our equipment and accommodation offers for your future web applications.

Required technology for a web interface integration (or a web portal) linked to your CTRL solution.

Web Server
Service Web
Additionnal Equipement Recommendation Use:

Internet access :

Hi speed connetion.

Communications or data transmission to insurers.

Support and remote training, software downloads, newsgroups, FAQs, etc.

Fax / Modem :

Only you do not have Internet access.

US Robotics 5670 PCI

56K bauds, speed.

Communications or data transmission to insurers.

Internet Explorer 6 or more is required to communicate with RAMQ.

No exceptions supported

Antivirus : Nod32 or Avira - Individual License

Less than 10 users

Nod32 - "business" or "Endpoint" editions. 10 users or more

Labels Printer:


To print a label at a time.


Tested Compatibility of Seiko Smart Label 200, 420, 440 ou 650.

Standard Printer:

Laser printer with network connection and PCL 6 standard driver

Black and white printer or colour printer according to the customer's use.

Backup unit :

Online Backup ou Professional backup system.


Capacity according to the volume of data to backup.

For security backup of data management.


For professional backup system, allow 5 storage units for rotation.

Emergency battery :

Essential on the server and network equipment position.

Highly recommended on each post.

Protection in case of failure of boosting supply (UPS).

Electronic signature pad:

Topaz T-S460-HSB-R

Topaz T-LBK460-HSB-R

Electronically sign documents easily and secure!

Scanner unit:

Recommended Models
(in order of preference) :

1 Brother ADS-2400N

1 Brother Brother ADS-3600W

2 Canon imageFORMULA DR-C225


3 FUJITSU Image Scanner fi-7160

The scanner unit is mainly used to convert paper documents into digital format. An essential accessory for the paperless transition.

N.B., to automate the integration of a scanner into your CTRL solution, it must have a Twain generic outlet.

Barcode scanner :

Type :

LS-2208 from Symbol (Standard workstation)


MC9000 from Symbol (Terminal server required)


MC9190 from Symbol (Terminal server required)

Speeds up data entry for screens that integrates barcode technology.