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CTRL software programs can be used individually or combined to produce a fully integrated management solution specialized for a particular application field. For an overview of CTRL’s management solutions, select your business activity from the menu bar on the left. 

Technical Specifications for Equipment

CTRL software is suited to a broad range of popular technological environments designed for single users or multi-user networks. To view the most recent specifications recommended by our technical team, click here.

Recovery of Current Management Data

Your company’s most important management asset is clearly business data. This valuable bank of strategic knowledge therefore cannot be neglected when it comes time to transfer it to a new management system.

Good News! CTRL software automatically recovers most data from other common management software. If the import function of your management data is currently unavailable, contact a CTRL advisor or partner. If your management data are stored in a recognized international format, recovery is quick and easy.

Open Technology: Your Best Management Insurance!

If management data are your most important asset, then CTRL is your best management insurance since its unique open technology places the property of your management data in your own hands, where it should be.

The preferred approach of CTRL is to open its technological architecture to the point where CTRL software could very easily be replaced! But why this approach to marketing? Because our market experience and leadership track record have proven that once a manager chooses CTRL, he or she usually has no intention of going back to their previous software!

The open technology of CTRL software is therefore a strategic advantage for our customers, not a threat to CTRL, which is additional proof that CTRL’s development philosophy has the interests of its customers at heart!

But specifically and more importantly, the open technology of CTRL software allows you to easily combine our software programs with a variety of other office tools, including MS-WordTM, MS-ExcelTM, MS-AccessTM. Choosing CTRL software allows you to lay the foundations for a proactive management style, that is able to grow and change with your needs. Don’t let a management tool to stand in the way of your development!

Costs and Services that Adapt to Changes in Your Organization

The price of software and the cost of our CTRL annual service plan depend on which multi-user configuration is chosen for each software program. The costs for an initial and follow-up computerization plan are based on the scale of management you plan to implement! For more information on CTRL after sale services options, consult the " CTRL Services " section.

Given our flexible options, CTRL software and management solutions can cost anywhere from $400 to as much as $100,000 for a large-scale computerization project. Hard to believe? Contact a CTRL advisor to compare the cost of a basic management solution and the cost of an advanced solution.

Buy only what you need. No need to go over budget. You can gradually add onto your CTRL management solution as your requirements change, with no penalty!

Choose the solution that you need

With competitive prices and renowned quality customer support , challenge us to surprise you!

For more information or a demonstration of CTRL solutions, contact an adviser by email or by phone at 1 (888) 463-2875.

Eloquent statistics

More than two out of three CTRL sales (+66%) are to replace an existing software!

Over the past twelve years, an overwhelming 88% of our customers declared themselves satisfied or extremely satisfied with their CTRL software.