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New Brunswick Tax Rate Changes
Effective July 1, 2021


Dear Client,


For July 1, only New Brunswick is making changes to the tax rates.


Before starting the update, please pay attention to the following point:

  • Only the "GERSYS" user can perform this update.


To access the update, choose the "Live update" option in the "Help" menu, as shown below.


In the next window, select "2021 Fiscal Update", then click "Ok". Other updates can be done automatically at the same time, as they are already checked by default.


Note that the installation time may vary depending on the performance of your IT equipment.


When the window below appears, click “Ok”. If the scroll bar is complete and this window does not appear, you will need to select this window using the alt + tab keys.


For the next step, as shown below, you will be able to choose from the different options "No", "Yes" or "Cancel". The "No" button allows you to select only the desired companies, while the "Yes" button updates all companies. The "More details" tab shows the list of rate changes that will be made.


If you choose the "No" option, you will then need to select the companies for which the update should apply.


Once the update is complete, the following message will confirm the success of the operation.


Click "Yes" to apply the updates.



For more information regarding this update, do not hesitate to consult our Frequently Asked Questions from your CTRL software's "Help" menu.


Plus, feel free to use our online "Support Request" service to enjoy an enhanced customer service experience. Simply click on the "Frequently Asked Questions" option in the "Help" menu of your CTRL software, then click on the "Support Request" button.


Sandra Durand

Customer Service Manager



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