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The CTRL New Web Portal:
To Try It Is to Adopt It!



With the current pandemic, a majority of companies from various sectors are forced to review their way of doing things, otherwise are imposed to reflect strategically on their future. We suggest reading the latest post from our president, highly relevant to the subject.


At the internal level of its operations, CTRL had, of course, embarked on the digital shift a long time ago. We must admit it; we are already part of the fairly “virtualized” companies, as we operate in the software industry.


Just before the pandemic at the end of 2019, we have launched a fascinating business project, which we are now announcing the official launch.


It is a brand new Web portal that will allow each of our clients to find a set of personalized CTRL information and services. Our team is very proud of the launch of this new single-access point for our customers, which aims to continuously enhance our business relationship with you, dear customer, our most valuable asset.



This new Web portal, introduced from version 10.68, now becomes the centralized activation point of your CTRL solution.


Several additions are already planned, and your portal will constantly be enhanced with features targeting essential services and information to simplify your business relationship with CTRL.


Among the main new possibilities to which your portal automatically gives you access, let us note the “Software New Features” section, which allows you to consult all the new CTRL features available by software and in your specific CTRL context, namely:


  • New features depending on the version you are currently using.
  • New features you have specifically suggested and requested.


To know more about our Web portal or for any additional questions, click on the button below and one of our advisors will be happy to communicate with you as soon as possible.



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